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This while admittedly added more drama in the film and followed traditional Norse send-offs proved to be nothing more than an additional dramatic element.

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In the film, while he was still arguably big, Grendel came off more as pathetic and deformed.

In order to emphasize Grendel's "victim" image, the form he takes after he dies in his mother's lair is reminiscent of that of a child curled up in a fetal position.

Another departure from the original poem was the film's depiction of King Hrothgar as a hedonistic drunk and womanizer.

Also conspicuously absent from the film were Hrothgar's two sons from his Queen Wealtheow.

Besides done with a slant towards commercial gain, he observes that the film and its portrayal of events in the poem to be rather satirical in nature. It also succeeds in humanizing both the hero Beowulf by making him flawed and the villain Grendel by making him partly unaccountable for his actions.

This in effect blurs the lines between Hero and Villain such as it happens in real life.The last big difference between the poem and the film was in the portrayal of the burial of Beowulf.The poem tells of Beowulf's cremation and subsequent burial in a mound facing the sea while in the film Beowulf's last rites came in the form of a funeral barge sunk into the sea.Instead of killing Grendel's mother, he must have made a pact with the demon. "I didn't hear him coming," a wench tells a warrior. (Ebert) Conclusion The animated film adaptation of the epic saga uses the poem as its starting point and resembles the original by taking its main characters and events.Film critic Roger Ebert believes that the film was never meant to be a faithful retelling of the age-old poem. But the film definitely goes a step further in trying to explain the gaps and inconsistencies in the poem.Beowulf then successfully kills the dragon but is mortally wounded in return.Beowulf the animated film is directed by Robert Zemeckis from a screenplay written by Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary.In a move to explain some details left out in the poem, the scriptwriters provided their own interpretation to some scenes such as providing reasons behind Grendel's' behavior.In the poem, Grendel was simply depicted as a monster demon while the movie version showed a more "humanized" version whose sensitive ears were the reason he would go on a rampage whenever merrymaking, especially singing was done.It is known to be the earliest heroic epic in any European language So when the 2007 animated feature film Beowulf came out many expected to find the classic story come to life. The first tells of the story of the hero Beowulf from the Geatland (now Sweden) who sails to Denmark in aid of King Hrothgar who is beset by a half-demon known as Grendel.Grendel would attack the Mead Hall (drinking hall) built by the King whenever merriment was held there.


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