Essay On Criminalisation In Politics

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The prevailing multi-party system emerged as an anti-dote to the monolithic Congress Party, which was formed out of the independence movement, to fulfil the need for a viable opposition.

From the first elections in 1952, the process has become increasingly free and fair, although those attributes have not yet been established across the entire nation.

It can be stated that progress as a nation became a low priority in this scramble for power through the grabbing of ministerial berths in return for ‘support’ in the legislature.

The 2014 voting pattern is indicative of the voter impatience with coalition politics that has delayed, and at times stopped, the implementation of national developmental policies.

There is a prevalent feeling of having been ‘let-down’ by the Central Government.

Coalition politics, which came to the fore in the 1980s, almost immediately led to the fragmentation of Central power.However, the maturing of democratic traditions are visible across the board.To a certain extent the results of the 2014 national elections brought the electoral political evolution full circle.The poorer sections of society are deprived of a voice and does not take part in the governance process till the next democratic elections.In other words, the democratic success of the nation is not shared by all.In the Indian practice of democracy, value-based politics the mainstay for the well-being of any nation, has been squandered and sacrificed at the altar of power worship.The quest for power has subsumed all altruistic purposes and initiatives.Ever since the first elections held in 1952, there is no doubt that there has been multi-fold increase in the level of political awareness in the country as a whole.This is a positive move forward in a nation where a large part of the population are still uneducated and live a hand-to-mouth existence.Since becoming independent from British rule, India has practised democracy, and over the past 70 years, has also adapted the concept to create a uniquely Indian model.The democratic process as practised in India has its advantages and also its share of challenges that make it cumbersome and less than optimal in a number of instances.


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