Essay On Drug Abuse A Threat To Society

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One of the first changes in the brain that may occur in response to repeated drug abuse is tolerance.

Tolerance develops when a person requires a higher amount of drug to reach that leave of pleasure or a state of alteration of consciousness that he achieved previously through lower doses of drugs.

The youth is particularly involved in drug addiction as reported by Government Psychiatric Hospital Srinagar around 90% drug abusers belong to the age group of 17-35.

The states circumstances from last two decades were considered by most people have contributed to various kinds of social and political issues including drug addiction.

A drug to which a person becomes addict does not merely impair the person’s cognitive skills and behaviour but also permanently damage certain abilities depending on the amount of a dose.

Experts believe that certain changes due to the addictions disappear shortly after drug use while certain anomalies remain permanent.The lot number of youth has turned to drugs who have directly or indirectly affected by the turmoil in the state, but this is not the only reason behind this epidemic because there are other reasons as well, as reported by different studies that have been conducted in the state.Unemployment, relationship problems are naming a few.According to WHO “substance abuse is persistent or sporadic drug use inconsistent with or unrelated to acceptable medical practice” The present paper is theoretical in nature and aims at high lightening the Issues and challenges faced by youth involved in drug addiction in the Kashmir valley of Jammu and Kashmir.According to a report published by United Nation, Drug Control Programme (UNDCP) around 70 thousand people are drug addicts alone in the Kashmir division among them approximately 31% are women.In 2012 it was appraised that between 162 million and 364 million people about 3.5% and 7.5% of world population aged between 15-64 have used an illicit drug belonging to cannabis, opioid, cocaine or amphetamine type stimulant group at least once in a previous year (World Drug Report 2014 [1]).According to this Report, only one among six problem abusers has access to treatment related facilities or received de-addiction or detoxification services.These cravings have a physiological mechanism as they stimulate the area of the brain (amygdala) that controls the emotional memory in addicted persons as shown by PET scans done on an addicted person.A drug addict can experience a state of craving at any stage of drug addiction or abuse.Drug abuse and Drug can be thought of as point along a continuum.Abnormal and inappropriate use of mind altering drugs when prescribed or over the counter is Drug Abuse but when it becomes Drug addiction is not much clear because different people reach drug addiction at different stages.


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