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Indians celebrate it with great enthusiasm and trust.This festival also shows the victory of good over evil, that is, the victory of virtue on sin.It is one of the main religious festivals of India.

On the tenth day people celebrate by burning the effigy of the Asur king Ravana.

This festival of Dussehra falls two or three weeks before Diwali in the month of September and October.

This festival is celebrated in the joy of Ram's victory over the demon king Ravana.

The festival of Dussehra is celebrated in the form of a symbol of victory over evil.

King Raavan, the ten-headed king of Lanka, had defeated Ram's wife, Mata Sita, to take revenge for his sister Shukranakha's insult.

Since then, since the day Lord Rama killed Ravana, the festival of Dussehra is being celebrated.In ancient times, Raja Ram was sent on his exile to his state Ayodhya for 14 years. It is said that Ram's brother Laxman had cut off the nose and ears of Ravan's sister, which led to Ravana kidnapping Laxman's sister-in-law Sita.People celebrate this festival with great joy and enthusiasm.Essay writing in schools and colleges is a common and effective way to increase students' knowledge and skills.We are here providing essays and several paragraphs for students for Dusshera which students can use for any future competition.In many places it is celebrated for 10 days, the stories of Mantra and Ramayana are told in front of a large crowd of devotees by the priests of the temple, and in many places Ram Leela is organized for 7 days or months.Dashahara is an important festival of Hindu religion.It is celebrated for ten consecutive days by the people of Hindu religion all over the country with full enthusiasm.Durga is worshiped for the first nine days and hence it is called Dussehra.This tells the entire history of Sita's kidnapping, showing the defeat of Asur Raja Ravana, the defeat of his son Meghnath and Bhai Kumbhakarna and the victory of the end and Raja Ram.The real people play Ram, Laxman and Sita and Hanuman while the statue of Ravana, Meghnath and Kumbhakarna is made.


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