Essay On Everyday Use By Alice Walker

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The trick to writing a good one is to stay on topic.

Because the essay title is the topic, in an index of essays the reader should be able to choose an essay based on the title, but then...

A second (and related) possible thesis for this story focuses on the idea of "reader response": every reader will read the story... The daughter who returns home in Alice Walker's short story "Everyday Use," and the man she brings with her, indeed respresent a newly forged cultural identity for African Americans that is very much at odd with the conventional identities, as reflected in both the mother and the stay-at-home daughter.

A second (and related) possible thesis for this story focuses on the idea of "reader response": every reader will read the story in a slightly different way because of that reader's individual background, values, political commitments, and so on.

Although sisters, they have grown into quite different women.

Their mother realizes the way Dee tosses away certain parts of her heritage in favor of others and the way Maggie seems to live in her sister's shadow.In researching Walker's "Everyday Use," and deciding on an approach to take when you analyze the work in writing (your essay), you could begin by answering a research question.A few to choose from might be: Like the above poster suggested, one topic that usually makes for an interesting thesis with any well-critiqued text is to refute popular commentary and show how you believe differently.It might look something like this: Mama's choice to save her family's quilts for Maggie shows that appreciating one's heritage means embracing it in everyday life, not merely showcasing the distant past for display.The paper could then examine Mama's choice in light of the characterization of each of her daughters.I would even go so far as to say that the author Alice Walker is much more like Dee than she is like Maggie.In the end, for me, the point is not that one reader is right and the other is wrong.Some examples include: I tend to be partial to how "Wangero" suddenly wants to over-do her heritage and merely focus on the aesthetic and fashionable, rather than on what really matters about it.It reminds me about every person who claims Irish heritage in St."Everyday Use," then, can be seen as a story that will probably be read very differently by different readers.While I teach in Mississippi, for example, I am not from that state, and I have great respect for the artists and thinkers of the Black Arts Era, including Alice Walker, who sought to make breaks with the past and to challenge, among other things, white standards of beauty and ideas of history.


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