Essay On Far From The Madding Crowd

He becomes unbalanced and careless even forgetting to cover his ricks and protect them from damage by storm.

His skull like appearance unable to bear the truth shocks Gabriel.

All three concern people’s standings in their insular communities upended by chaotic circumstances, a few all too predetermined but most of them unpredictable twists of cruel fate.

Carey Mulligan plays Hardy’s heroine Bathsheba Everdene, a headstrong, orphaned young woman of no particular means (at least at first), who sees little compelling reason to settle down early with a male suitor she doesn’t truly love.

Their love had grown from a long working partnership, friendship and mutual respect.

They are aware of each other’s “rough” sides and yet with maturity and subtlety let their romance grow amidst harsh prosaic reality.

He is honest to his words and as we see Gabriel did continue to love and protect her throughout though Bathsheba could only realize it much later when she was badly embittered in love and life.

Ironically she falls in love with a handsome flamboyant Troy who could stir up her romantic imagination but never loved her truly.

However on receiving Bathsheba’s fatal valentine he becomes obsessed with” tropic intensity”.

He quickly falls in love and proposes to her offering Bathsheba a lady’s life of leisure and luxury.


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