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Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but can be converted from one form to another.Transformations of energy always result in some loss or dissipation of energy.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but can be converted from one form to another.Transformations of energy always result in some loss or dissipation of energy.

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Unlike the nutrients which move in a cyclic manner and are reused by the producers after flowing through the food chain, energy is not reused in the food chain.

All organisms require energy for growth, maintenance, reproduction, locomotion, etc the flow of energy in an ecosystem follow the laws of thermodynamics.

Flow of energy in an ecosystem takes place through the food chain. The main source of energy for most ecosystems is the sun. During this transfer about 90% of the energy is lost as unusable heat to the environment. We have an upright pyramid of energy flow as we move up the trophic levels, the amount of useable energy available at each stage declines. The ecological pyramid is the graphical representation of the organism’s position in the food chain. Similarly, the secondary and tertiary consumers gets only 100 and 10 unit.

The base of the pyramid consists of the food producer level and the successive levels make the tiers with the top carnivore or tertiary consumers forming the apex. The size of each compartment in ecological pyramid represents the amount of organisms (or item) in each trophic level of a food chain. The loss at each stage is simply released as heat into the environment. The flow of energy through the various components of the ecosystem is unidirectional and continuous.

Secondly, the ecosystem is essential to human life, providing us with countless and extremely valuable services.

Human beings rely on a host of invisible services that ecosystems provide.Food Chain is a feeding hierarchy in which organisms in an ecosystem are grouped into nutritional (trophic) levels and are shown in a succession to represent the flow of food energy and the feeding relationship between them.The directional flow of food energy from one organism to another is graphically represented by arrows.In turn, snake might be eaten by a bird or a badger.Food Chains are of Following Two Types: Lion The estuarine and mangrove leaf ecosystems follow this detritus food chain. Each of these plays an important role in life, and this is how. Producers, the ecosystem, consumers and decomposers all have a role in life.Eventually the energy transfer ends when decomposers feed from the dead animal. The energy from a plant is transferred to the primary consumer when it is eaten.The energy from the primary consumer is transferred to the secondary consumer when it is eaten. The fox dies and decomposes into organisms that feed the soil.These are the simple nutrients that plants require to create organic compounds.Related Links: Facts Environmental Science Facts Animals Facts Food Chains Quiz Food Chains Examples Food Chains and Webs Reading Comprehension Producers and Consumers 1 The food chain is made up of two ...


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