Essay On Horror Movies

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Maybe we all want to see how brave we are, or if were easily scared.

There is something about the way the dark is presented to us, in a scary movie, that makes the dark give off an appealing eerie feeling.

I know that I've started to question a lot of things after watching a scary movie.

For example, could there really be things in the world that just can't be explained?

Another possibility, could be that we are attracted to the way scary movies are presented to us.

Most scary movies are presented to us, as only the brave will watch this movie.I've noticed my friends and classmates always talk, with excitement and enthusiasm, about the latest scary movies that will be appearing at the movie theater.I also noticed that I wasn't the only little kid who wanted to see scary movies.In addition to this, people seem to be showing a tendency to love to be afraid.The regularity with which public consciousness creates new and new global scarecrows, like annual deadly pandemics and ends of the world, global warming, Large Hadron Collider and so on, shows that humankind is simply bored and wants to create distractions.Maybe the idea of there being an after life, makes us think of what could happen to us after we die.The idea of something challenging the normal and scientific makes us think about what we know and have experienced our selves.The fact of knowing that the events could be real attract millions of people, and keep the industy growing.Numerous people spend countless hours perfecting the art of terror for our amusement.My little brother, niece, nephew, and cousins always want to watch scary movies too.This made me wonder, what makes people want to watch scary movies? Maybe many of us wonder if it is real, or if it could ever happen? Could it have been from a personal experience, something he/she heard of, or just something that came out of his/her imagination?


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