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Overseas contributions, ranging from Eastern Europe to South Africa, via North America and Australasia, illustrate the pitfalls of importing other constitutional models.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.As argued by Marquardt “that globalization offers great opportunities to generate more universal observance of human rights, but it also poses serious dangers to the fundamental rights of the individual” .

Though, many of these opportunities are formed in sweatshops and low payment jobs.

Nevertheless, they increase women participation in the economy, even if it is largely in the informal sector the potential demand of empowering women is increasing (Mae, Bayes et al. Furthermore, supporters of globalization argue that, “while the state is the agent charged with the protection and promotion of human rights, it is also traditionally the primary violator of those rights”.

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in this context, Globalization resulted in a significant loss of control and sovereignty for the state “, information is gained by everybody either through internet or international media, people get access to foreign information and this is believed to have contributed positively to spread of human right around the globe .

While some nation states still restricts it citizens to access international news, like the case of china, scholars still argue that Globalizations has weakened government power to control people movements.Specifically, the extensive shift of political authority to the judiciary which is involved in the British Human Rights Act is critically examined and other ways of specifying and promoting human rights in more democratic forums are considered.Particular attention is paid to the priority which should be given to economic and social rights within the new constitutional settlement.It is the spread of capitalism across the globe bringing with it both opportunities of business and a flow of capita.However, it is more than just free trade; the forces that allow businesses to operate beyond national borders allow activists, journalists, and scholars to work on a global scale.For positive side, scholars argue that globalization of capital contributes positively to the universality of human rights as it permits a flow of capital to the most productive and resourceful business projects.This trend is believed to boost profits, which make the economy grow, which mostly results in constructive social goals, such as higher employment levels that improves living standards, education become affordable, lower taxes, and larger capital expenses on people, in areas such as health care which play very significant role in improving human conditons.Working with the definition cited by Allan (2009), that sees Globalization as process that turns the whole world into “one global village” in which all peoples are increasingly interconnected and all the fences or barriers are removed, so that the world witnesses a new state of fast and free flow of people, capital, goods and ideas.One will say that globalization has positively contributed to human rights, as these processes allows non governmental actors to be involved with transnational social movement networks, increasing consciousness and information politics that have potential to address both traditional and emerging forms of human rights violation.On other hand, globalization is seen as turning the whole world into “one global village” in which all peoples are increasingly unified and all the fences or barriers are detached, so that the world witnesses a new state of fast and free flow of people, capital, goods and ideas.In this context globalization is bringing prosperity to all the corners of the globe, and spreading human right and freedom as well as justice, human rights and globalization are then viewed as two topics mutually reinforcing and positive in improving human well-being.


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