Essay On Importance Of Co Curricular Activities

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Depending upon the institute's certain activities are considered co-curricular while for some it is extra-curricular.

Therefore, in the academic sphere, there isn’t any clear consensus as to which is what?

These activities are not examined in the same way that the academic curriculum is, and because most of them take place outside lessons, such activities have less status in education than the main curriculum.

However, they are often held to be very important to the wider education of young men and women.

Co-curricular Activities Definition: Activities which complement but are not part of the conventional academic curriculum.

It means that Co-curricular activities are those activities which fall outside the regular academic curriculum yet they are a part of schooling or collegiate life.Such experiences go a long way in producing multi-faceted personalities which, in due course of time may bring honour to the country as well. A wide range of experiences prepares students better for the future, especially in today’s uncertain world.Broad education can provide better preparation for life in a society where an individual may need to change career several times in their life.These activities are compulsory in some institutions while in others it's voluntary.Where these are compulsory all school students must participate them alongside the standard study curriculum.A career is not the only part of an adult’s life - school needs to make sure they have interests and skills that will help them in their family and leisure lives too.Through equal balancing of academic and co-curriculum, the students have the chance to exercise their rights and the opportunity to be multi-talented.but at the same time, these activities should not be forced.Co-curricular activities need to be more refined, varied and interesting so as to be widely accepted and successful.A successful co-curriculum builds links between the school and the wider community, bringing local enthusiasts into work with students and sending students out to work on community projects.Many children have talents in all sorts of different areas, and it is wrong to force them to specialise too early.


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