Essay On Importance Of English Teaching

So that the learners are able to practice the forms of the target language, i.e. It simply means when the language is used for communication, the language forms are used for a process of communication.

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One of the most significant features of communication is that it is a dynamic and developing phenomenon.

In other words it cannot easily be analyzed into component features without its nature being destroyed in the process.

Feed back This process is implicit in the above two processes.

When two persons take part in an interaction, there is normally some aim behind communicating and in what way other person reacts is evaluated in terms of that aim.

Communicative abilities are ways of creating or recreating discourse in different modes.' These opinions about communicative abilities suggest that these are the abilities which involve linguistic as well as other skills essential for conversation, communication or discourse to take place.

On the other hand communicative competence has been defined in various ways.Another consequence is that learning becomes to a large extent the learner's responsibility.The teacher helps, advises, and teaches, guides, the learners themselves have to learn. Only by practicing, acting, actually doing, the learners can learn to communicate.Discourse Competence Discourse competence refers to the interpretation of individual message elements in terms of their inter-connectedness and of how meaning is represented in relationship to the entire discourse or text.Strategic Competence Strategic competence refers to the coping strategies that communicators employ to initiate, terminate, maintain, repair, and re-direct communication.In classroom situation pair work undertaken to complete an incomplete picture is the best example of transferring information as each member of the pair has a part of total information and attempts to convey it verbally to the other.Choice Another crucial feature of communication is that the learners have option, both in terms of what they will say and, more particularly, how they will say it.When two or more people are conversing in day-today life, one may know something which is not known to the other.The purpose of the communication is to bridge this information gap.Interestingly, this principle may lead to procedures which are themselves either synthetic or analytic.A synthetic procedure would involve students in learning forms individually and then practicing how to combine them; an analytic procedure would introduce complete interactions of texts and focus for learning purposes on the way these are constructed.


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