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One of the questions that have emerged in the recent times is whether the traditional libraries are still of value in this technological age.To answer this question, it is important to look at two facets of traditional libraries.With this in mind, the argument on whether traditional libraries are still of value in the technological age depend on the specific aspects of a library that one is looking for.

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Public libraries are facilities we cannot afford to lose even with the current sophisticated computing systems and the internet era.

One does not need to be at a given age, have specific amount of money, or have specific characteristics to qualify using library resources.

These are well physical structured gathering places with convenient programs that enable social and cultural mixing through discussions and meetings with friends and strangers with a common academic goal.

Libraries provide safe places where people can learn through reading regardless of one’s background (Landgraf, 2011).

Following this, the current generation depends heavily on data and information that is stored electronically.

Essentially, the dependence on traditional libraries is diminishing, with most people depending on e-library to store as well as access information in books, journals, magazines, etc.These would include but not limited to the advantages and disadvantages of traditional in the contemporary world as well as the role that these libraries play in the society that is marred by technological inventions.To begin with, whereas most learners and library users in general disregard traditional libraries in favor of digital libraries, their argument for favoring the latter as opposed to the former is based on key features that are supported by the digital library.Apart from the availability of the librarian, traditional libraries also have old information and data that is still relevant in the contemporary society.In line with this, whereas effort has been made to digitalize most books, journals, magazines and other reading resources from the past that generally that contribute to learning in the modern society, there is still a lot to be done.This paper discusses the importance of maintaining public libraries and giving reasons why it is not a waste of money compared to maintaining computer and internet-based libraries.Public libraries are there for all ages, and this is regardless of a person’s origin language since help is offered to those whose English is a second language.Notably, there is no single digital library that exists today that has a librarian.According to Krottmaier (2002), the role of librarians is often underestimated by most of the users despite the fact that they are very helpful, especially for young scientists who are trying to explore a new topic (p. Notably, the availability of the librarian to guide researchers and scholars, especially those who are new in the field is a very important aspect that elevate the importance or rather value of traditional libraries in the contemporary technological world.Libraries are some of the most important components in any particular learning environment because of the vital information they store and how they readily provide it when needed.As a result, the coming of information technology age proved to be an important that saw the transformation of libraries.


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