Essay On Learning From Mistakes

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Yes, as I have said before, it is a daunting task to learn all lessons of our life because we tend to forget them.But if we manage to leave a trace of our emotional experiences, then probably we can overcome even arguments without the principal solution.

Now that time has passed, I of course remember well the emotional turmoil that accompanied me after our break-up.

But while being perhaps less naive now, I am no longer too pessimistic.

When we acknowledge a mistake without drama, without excuses, and without shaming ourselves we can move on to the important tasks correcting the mistake and finding ways to prevent it from happening again and that is the biggest lesson that can be learned from making a mistake.

Mistakes help us keep ourselves in perspective, to really learn and grow.

Despite the great time that we had together, this ending of our relationship was in no need of talk.

Earlier, when we had petty quarrels words channeled negative emotions, but this time words suddenly turned into the irreversible verdict.

Too many people remain in denial and place the blame on others, instead of considering what they can do to help theirselves.

The minute you take responsibility for your mistake is when the success really begins.

I wonder, is it at all possible to learn harsh lessons of our life?

Indeed, in most spheres of human activity we can hope to take our previous mistakes into consideration and avoid them in the future.


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