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Notice how Euripides plays down Medea's powers as a sorceress by not explicitly stating how she helped Jason steal the Golden Fleece with magic.Here Medea calls attention to all she has done to help Jason achieve the success she is largely responsible for, going as far as to state that he owes his life to her.Medea laments the sacrifices that she made to secure Jason’s escape from Colchis and acquisition of the Golden Fleece.

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She considers this action the absolute form of revenge for the wrongs Jason has committed against her. Jason claims that he will do anything for his children, however, his selfish actions are the cause of their need for support.

Jason cannot recognize that his pride, selfishness, and desires are the sole cause of his children's peril.

However, there are no extant copies of these manuscripts.

Modern audiences only know about these plays through the , a compendium of Greek myths and legends written in the second century CE. His decisions to exile Medea and allow Jason to marry his daughter set the events of the play in motion.

This is not the same Creon who ruled Thebes in the legend of Oedipus.

Creon of Corinth was featured in more of Euripides's plays.

This lament shows either that Medea regrets her choices and brutal actions, or that she is mortified by her actions because of Jason’s treachery.

This is one instance in which Euripides suggests that Medea’s vengeance is also a form of excessive pride, or hubris.

Like Jason, they will be condemned not only by fate but by society as well.

Creon: This is the King of Corinth and the father of Glauce, the woman for whom Jason abandons Medea.


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