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But at every step, as the proverb says, she weaves a still more tangled web, drawing others (nurses and technicians) into a complex deception.

But at every step, as the proverb says, she weaves a still more tangled web, drawing others (nurses and technicians) into a complex deception.

Thirdly, the doctor patient relationship depends upon trust.

It is very difficult to trust someone after we discover they have lied to us. B now, but the truth will come out sooner or later.. B will develop symptoms, will return to the doctor, and the doctor will need no tests in order to tell him what is wrong.

Along the same line, his wife has a right to choose whether to cut her tour short or not. Second, we make an implicit promise to tell the truth whenever we speak.

(I owe this argument to Beauchamp and Childress, p. This is true for everyone, and still truer for physicians.

But this creates, not only a barrier between the physician and the patient, but also a split within the physician herself. It might be argued that, strong as the ordinary case for truth telling might be, there are factors in his situation that make it morally right to withhold the truth.

She seems to be one person when she is with the patient, and another when she is alone or with her peers. The strongest reasons for thinking so are his emotional fragility and the fact that his family support will be much stronger within a month or two: when he and his wife are together and after their daughter has delivered her baby.But in the end they do not outweigh the case for telling the truth. It might be useful to review the basic moral reasons favoring honesty, and then apply them to this case.First, patients have a right to decide whether to accept treatment or reject it.130ff) Keeping him in ignorance "for his own good" is not a doctors job. B would lapse into severe depression on hearing the news.He might, or he might not; and there may be ways of breaking the news that would make a difference. Finally, by not telling him, the doctor risks harming him in other ways: she keeps him from making his own decisions about how to use the next few months, perhaps his last good months; and she damages his trust in her, trust which will be very important as his health deteriorates.But the trust that is necessary in a doctor-patient relationship is the trust that holds between adults who respect one another, not between children and their parents.The patient needs to know not only that the doctor is concerned for his welfare, but that the doctor will treat him as an adult whose life belongs to himself and not to the doctor.After all, one might argue, the doctors primary responsibility is to avoid harming her patient. First, the doctor's primary responsibility is to help the patient in accord with the patients own life plan.Most people want to be saved pain, to have their lives prolonged, and so on, but the doctor has to talk with the patient in order to find out what matters most to him.(Katz, pp.Only then can the patient relax and stop being wary, stop the constant effort to scrutinize the doctors words for what might lie behind them.Finally, there is the matter of the physician's own integrity. 60ff) Integrity is a matter of connection and integration between the parts of our lives: in this case, between the doctors words and her beliefs.


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