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In winter, the mercury could plunge to fifty degrees below zero. Frontier Texas, the saying goes, was paradise for men and dogs, hell on women and horses. Perhaps because it so desperately needed people, Wyoming was, from the outset, unusually egalitarian.

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What he did next nobody knows, but by September 3, 1907, he had got himself a thousand miles south, to Bombay, where he boarded a ship called the Peno.

Eight weeks later, on October 28th, he arrived in Seattle.

From there, he struck out for the interior, apparently living for a while in Deadwood, South Dakota, and the nearby towns of Lead and Spearfish before crossing the border into Wyoming.

Once there, he settled in Sheridan, which is where he made a name for himself, literally: as Hot Tamale Louie—beloved Mexican-food vender, Afghan immigrant, and patriarch of Wyoming’s now besieged Muslim population.

“Hundreds of thousands of people had seen Wyoming from train windows,” the historian T. Larson wrote, “and were spreading the word that the territory looked like a barren wasteland.”That was particularly true in northeastern Wyoming.

The rest of the state could be daunting, with its successive mountain chains rising like crests on a flash-frozen ocean. In the east, by contrast, you could travel five hundred miles and not see a tree. The Homestead Act offered Western settlers a hundred and sixty acres—not enough, in that landscape, to keep five cows alive.The news came by telegram, the day after the murder.Harrison was the son of a member of Congress, the great-grandson of one President, the great-great-great-grandson of another President, and the great-great-great-great-grandson of one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence..m-zeitgeist /* for the IE6 lols */ .m-zeitgeist .m-zeitgeist h2 .m-zeitgeist #att-panes .m-zeitgeist .att-toggle-pane .m-zeitgeist ol .m-zeitgeist #most-zeitgeist ol .m-zeitgeist .zg-date .m-zeitgeist ol li .m-zeitgeist div#att-most-viewed ol li.l1, .m-zeitgeist div#att-latest ol li.l1 .m-zeitgeist ol li.first person in Sheridan, Wyoming, to learn that Hot Tamale Louie had been knifed to death was William Henry Harrison, Jr.When those protests darkened into threats, the local police got involved, as did the F. Wyoming is geographically huge—you could fit all of New England inside it, then throw in Hawaii and Maryland for good measure—but it is the least populous state in the Union; under six hundred thousand people live there, fewer than in Louisville, Kentucky.Its Muslim population is correspondingly tiny—perhaps seven or eight hundred people.Khan’s childhood would have been marked by privation and conflict—if he had any childhood to speak of.Family legend has it that he was just twelve when he left.Because its economy is tied to the energy industry, it is subject to an endless cycle of boom and bust, and to a ballooning population during the good years.The pattern of social problems that attend that kind of rapid population growth—increased crime, higher divorce rates, lower school attendance, more mental-health issues—has been known, since the nineteen-seventies, as Gillette Syndrome.


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