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Records for these collections and more recent acquisitions are available in the Library of Congress online catalog. The division also has personal papers collections of various U. “The Fine Prints: Japanese, pre-1915” collection includes some 2,500 Japanese woodblock prints and drawings, dating from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries, by such artists as Hiroshige, Kuniyoshi, Sadahide, and Yoshiiku. In addition to those papers in the Naval Historical Foundation Collection, the Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress also holds many personal papers collections that contain journals, diaries of life at sea, shipbuilding and merchant records, officer’s shipboard narratives, and accounts of voyages, whaling, military affairs, diplomatic missions, and U. Subjects include actors, women, landscapes, scenes from Japanese literature and daily life, and Western foreigners. Bent’s chart of the coast of China and Japan compiled by order of Commodore Matthew C. Likewise, the Captain Edward Beach Prize is awarded to the Midshipman at the U. Naval Academy, selected by the History Department faculty, who wrote the best thesis on a naval history topic.

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Dunn, USN, who retired in 2012 following fourteen years of service as President of NHF.

With former duties that included the Chief of Naval Reserve and the DCNO for Naval Aviation, VADM Dunn has a reputation in the Navy’s intellectual community as a thoughtful writer in publications such as the Naval Institute Proceedings.

In addition to receiving a prize certificate, selected midshipmen will be offered a one-year free student membership (value $20) with NHF and will be encouraged to participate in such NHF academic activities such as the Naval History Book Review program.

Submission Requirements: There are no deadline requirements for Achievement Certificates. The names of the Midshipmen and institution will be printed on a certificate template and a congratulatory memorandum and sent back to the unit as an e-mail attachment for printing out and presentation at a time as deemed appropriate by the PNS.

Finding aids exist for the larger or more prominently used individual collections.

A print guide to the NHFC was published by the Library of Congress in 1974. Some recommended related manuscript collections include: For further resources on Japan, the China trade, the Far East, or the Perry expedition written or published in the Chinese or Japanese languages, please consult the librarians and resources of the Library of Congress Asia Reading Room.

For more information on the Naval Historical Foundation and its goals of furthering the preservation, education, and commemoration of naval history, see their Web site at .

The various personal papers collections that comprise the Naval Historical Foundation Collection in the Manuscript Division at the Library of Congress (NHFC) include materials stemming from the end of the American Revolution to World War II and the modern era.

This process should not create any additional burdens on NROTC faculty, given the need to evaluate coursework as part of instructor duties.

If an NROTC unit or consortium hosts multiple Sea Power and Maritime Affairs courses, the PNS can forward multiple nominees to NHF to receive NHF Dunn Prize Achievement Certificates that ideally would be awarded during the following Fall semester.


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