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When we decided to go home, my friend who is driving the car insisted that he can still drive because he knew that he is not really too drunk. Learning is a process that helps people improve their decision-making skills.

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However, her strict conservative personality sometimes poses a big challenge for me on how I deal with other people, especially in my personal relationship with my boyfriend.

With this family, cultural, and religious background, I have developed to become a conservative person who is compassionate and sensible to the needs of others (qualities I acquired from my mother and for being a woman), yet responsible and firm in decision-making (influenced by my father and brothers), and with strong faith to God and high regard of respect to older people (religious and Hispanic cultural influences).

This paper presents my analysis of personal growth and development as I trace back the significant factors that influenced my personality.

Basically, I grew up in a loving nuclear family with high regard for Hispanic values and Catholic religious practices.

In order to analyze the factors that influence such people’s behavioral pattern various theories have been employed.

Introduction The non-profit organization crisis center in which I have interned as a voluntary receptionist and......I take most of the responsibilities at home next to my mother, such as doing transactions to important people and agencies, because of my family’s reliance to me being the only child who can speak English fluently among the three of us (siblings).I took this responsibility as a challenge rather than feel bad about it for I know I can carry this attitude as a personal advantage in my future endeavors in life.Executive Leadership and Personal Growth This paper shall talk about my personal strengths and weaknesses which I have disclosed during my program along with the ability to apply knowledge and skills to the specific program.The program was enunciated to make me apply my knowledge and skill set towards a particular task which was the part of the program.Learning provides that knowledge to a person......?Vision and Personal Development Plan BY YOU YOUR SCHOOL INFO HERE HERE Vision and Personal Development Plan Vision ment Five years from today, I envision myself as the Chief Nursing Officer of a mid- to large-sized hospital.From this stand point I can say that leadership can be called an inborn trait and leaders can be judged by their actions.Review This review helped me a lot in job settlement and differentiating between a leader and a manager.Learning is the process, which injects the required knowledge in mind of a person based on his/her experiences, which ultimately helps him/her take accurate decision concerning any matter.It is also a fact that proper growth and development of a person requires sufficient knowledge of positive, as well as negative aspects of life.


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