Essay On Poverty Leads To Child Labour

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Poverty in Ethiopia is chronic due to, among others, population pressure, land degradation, unemployment and under-employment among adults and school leavers (youth).

Children are paid lower wages than adults, not unionized, and do not demand workers’ rights.

They are also thought by some to be more efficient in certain types of work, though this has not been demonstrated.

Thus, these people tend to prefer child workers to adults.

Note 1 - The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (Mo LSA), Child Labour in Ethiopia Analysis of a Survey Conducted in 2001, by B & M Development Consultants, March 1, 2006, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

“Critically assess the claim that it is high demand, which is responsible for such a large number of children worldwide being engaged in child labour.” What are the demands that lead to child labour?The urbanised areas have lower percentage of child labour, as parents prefer the education of their children rather than sending them to work for short-term benefit.Caste Income (Fig5) The poverty in Odisha stands at 35.7% whilst the urban states remain at 17.3 %.They should thus be protected to prevent social, economic and physical harm, which persist to affect them during their lifetime.Such injuries include Apart from the above, lack of opportunity for higher education for older children deprives the nation of developing higher skills and technological capabilities that are required for economic development/transformation to attain higher income and better standards of living.Poverty and its related problems are some of the main causes of child labour in Ethiopia.The 2001 survey reported that about 90 per cent of the children working in productive activities replied that they were working to either supplement family income (23.8 per cent) or to improve it (66.0 per cent).Let your kids and children know what is child labour, its causes and what prevention measures are.These child labour essay are written in very simple words especially for the use of children and students going to school.By using such essay on Child Labour, students can easily win the essay writing competition because all are written in very easy English language.Child labour is the service paid by the children in their childhood in any field of work.


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