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The historical and cultural scenery are essential to understand how the theme has been elaborated in its national and international perspectives.In human nutrition, nature and culture meet, since eating is a vital necessity, what, when and with whom one eats are issues that are features of a system that attributes meaning to the act of eating [1,2].

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The evolutionist approach, being the pioneer in these studies, searched for explanations related to religion, giving emphasis to taboo, totemic, sacrifice and communion.At this moment, food is similar to language, since this practice defines ways of life.It is then that the kitchen becomes a subsystem of culture, constituting a language in which each culture unconsciously translates its own structure [4].Throughout the history of Anthropology as a scientific discipline many lines of thought have been designed [3].Food was an object of analysis just like other cultural aspects of studied societies, such as kinship.We do not eat the amount of nutrients and calories only to keep the body functions in an adequate level, because a long time ago anthropologists affirmed that eating involves selection, choice, occasion and rituals, it overlaps with sociability, with ideas and meanings, with interpretations of experiences and situations.To be eaten, or be edible, food has to be eligible, referred, selected and prepared or processed as culinary, and all this is cultural material [1].Conclusion: These transformations end, in turn, modifying a way of life and production, mainly through the rural exodus and the configuration of chaotic urban centers.New expectations arise while food choices must be more in line with the new lifestyle, unfortunately lacking nutritional contributions from the previous dietary pattern.Food habits are studied, including, this way, psychological research related to anxiety and abstinence, as an example.In addition, issues related to obesity and anorexia start to gain attention, being, treated as socially constructed pathologies [4,5].


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