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Will racial discrimination be ever stopped in this country?Probably, it is the main question you need to answer in your essay on racial profiling (you can use this link to get quick help with your papers).Discussion The majority of information available with regard to racial profiling suggests that racial profiling as a practice is an ineffective method of deterring criminal activity (Trende, 2000; Harris, 2002; Mcleod, 2003; Bass, 2001).

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It is a pattern that has been used by jurisprudence enforcement functionaries when aiming specific offenses or those suspected of potentially perpetrating offenses ( Pollock, 2012 ) .

Police Officers utilize their discretion when make up one’s minding whether to halt an person or non ; but, when the Officers ‘ beliefs and ideals are immortal or unethical so their judgement may be distorted ( Savive, 2012 ) .

You may play the role of the devil's advocate and support it in the essay on racial profiling.

We are sure this unusual approach will impress your teacher!

In addition whereas in the past primarily African-Americans and Latinos were targeted, now there is increasing emphasis on Arabs, Muslims and people of Middle Eastern descent (Hoopes, 2003). However, that question is not entirely black and white, pardon the pun (Stenning).

Recommendations/Conclusions It is vital that law enforcement agents adopt practices that promote strong crime fighting practices and equal treatment under the law. The reason for this is that race can inform whether or why to stop someone for a traffic stop or on the sidewalk with racism not being the root reason. Du Bois Institute for African and African-American Studies, was arrested for trying to break into someone's house. This is but one of numerous cases of racial profiling that has been documented in this country and that points to the injustice and irrationality of singling out ethnic minorities for Ramirez et al.

A 1999 survey revealed that Blacks were targeted a bulk of the clip but merely 10.5 per centum resulted in apprehension.

Whites nevertheless, were targeted the least sum of times but resulted in the greatest per centum of apprehension at 12.6 per centum ( Spitzer, 1999 ) .

Current Trends As a result of the negative information available with regard to racial profiling, numerous law enforcement agencies and government officials now have publicly "disavowed" the practice, prohibited it, or condemned it completely (Banks, 2003).

Many studies of law enforcement practices are also being adopted in order to document the extent to which racial profiling is occurring, and in an attempt to identify whether such efforts have been effective or not (Banks, 2003).


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