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For one thing, Warren envied unmarried women who, she said, were "..from those constant interruptions that necessarily occupy the mind of the wife, the mother, and the mistress" (Kerber 256).That said, it was apparent that not only did Warren spend a bit of time being envious of those who didn't have as much domestic work to do as she did, she also took the time to make a pact with herself, a plan if you will, to make a "double life" possible.

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However, the women of the country were not equal and they did not have the same opportunity as males.

After the American Revolution, “republican motherhood,” had rooted itself in the society of America.

" Report broken link Loyalist soldier The Loyalists didn't mince words when it came to their song lyrics: "May Congress, Conventions, those damned inquisitions, / Be fed with hot sulphur from Lucifers kitchens." Report broken link The Revolutionary War came to an end in the "City of Lights" -- when British representative David Hartley and an American delegation of John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and John Jay signed the Treaty of Paris in 1783.

The United States of America gained a reputation throughout their world for equality.

Have the ideals of the Revolution been achieved even today?

One of our challenges is to consider the meaning of the Revolution from multiple perspectives.For example, soldiers often resented civilians for not sharing the deep personal sacrifice of fighting the war.Even among the men who fought, major differences often separated officers from ordinary soldiers.The “cult of domesticity” developed to promote women in their natural work environment, the home.While “republican motherhood” and the “cult of domesticity” were held in the hearts of many Americans, these goals were not obtainable by all women.Additionally, because women were more faithful and…Mercy Otis Warren "wrestled valiantly throughout her life with the problem of finding time for writing and reflection," Kerber explains on page 256.Almost all Native American groups opposed American Independence.Slaves would be made legally free if they fled Patriot masters to join the British Army, which they did in large numbers.That double life plan would permit the "model woman" to be both intellectual and learned, and be a good mother and wife as well.On page 256 Kerber quotes Warren as saying that a smart plan of conduct "united with an industrious mind," would and could open the door to that double life she wished for.


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