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Debbie Slack enjoys hiking in CT, especially at Trail Wood, the home of Edwin and Nellie Teale, with her husband Bob and their two Labs.Besides exploring, Debbie loves when her four children and their families can spend time together.If we move your Aunt Josie, we may have to dig more graves. I had spent most of my life in creative fields – architecture is my day job, and the visual arts my avocation since adolescence – but something was still missing.

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The first kind of root has four main functions: absorption of water and inorganic nutrients from the soil, anchoring a plant to the ground, storing food and nutrients, and reproduction as well as competition with other plants. They sense obstacles in their path and may choose to go round them or barrel ahead, displacing earth or cracking pavement.

A plant's root system is the source of a lifeline which transports nutrients upwards into its leaves, where they interact with sunlight to produce sugars, flavors and energy. The direction in which they proceed is dictated by their perception of the most favorable or the most hostile environment.

Elisabeth Grace is a retired clinical social worker with English and Scottish roots, who shares her home in Columbia County with a demanding blue-eyed cat and a newcomer, a little brown dog named Lilah.

Roots Anyone who has ever planted a garden, chopped down a tree or walked in the woods knows a lot about roots.

Running head: ROOTS AND ROUTES Roots and Routes: Past, Present and Future Tekulve Thomas De Vry University SOCS335 Roots and routes are an integral part of everyone’s daily lives.

Our roots ultimately shape who we are and dictates the path we will walk in life.If our forbears, the human “roots” from which we are descended, could not resist adversity, or adapt to change, they would have been extinguished before they had a chance to reproduce.There are many lost tribes, people whose roots could not sustain them as the world around them changed. It’s not your problem, and it’s not mine, but we have to get a decision anyway.” Under the collective name of Kennedy-Smith, our family owned a six-grave plot at Saint Joseph’s Cemetery in Troy. My adolescence was marked with my mother being sent away. In fact, she was chosen to work for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for a stint, aka., government deputation. These visits were marked by the anticipation that it would be the last.Do the smaller roots branching off the main,or tap, root act like subterranean arboreal telephone wires?While roots are often hidden, some plants allow a portion of their roots to be seen: think of the stilt-like roots at the base of a corn stalk, the mass of visible roots anchoring mangrove trees in a southern swamp, or the tentacles of a parasite like mistletoe, attaching it to its host plant.The genetic material which determines who I am had its origins eons ago, modified in each generation by the environment with which it has interacted. My grandparents were buried alongside one another; the other graves were for their two daughters and their respective spouses. In those years, my father would pick her from the airport and after 20 days, a taxi arrived for her return trip.I inherited my mother's dark hair and her features, and her steadfastness in the face of adversity, and my father's blue eyes and his curiosity about the world. As I drifted out of sleep that morning, the telephone rang, beginning one of the weirdest phone calls of my life. The cemetery caretaker, upon reviewing the records, found Aunt Josie, who never married, was buried right next to Dad. We would cry profusely saying our good-byes, went into our home and continued crying.If roots were not involved in reproduction and competition for survival, neither the crops and flowers in our farms and gardens nor we ourselves would be here.If roots did not anchor plants to the earth, or were not planted at sufficient depth, the plants can be washed away by floods or blown away by winds, as they may indeed be in extreme conditions like hurricanes.I wish I could trace some of those physical or psychological traits to their more distant roots. Phil continued: “The caretaker wants to know what he should do. ” Gayu Seenumani immigrated to the US from Chennai India – where her parents still live. Our father returned from the airport, took us for a walk where he would tell us that the year would fly by. Stephen Gerard Dietemann makes his living as an architect and musician in the Berkshires and beyond. Music At Last I can’t remember exactly how it started, but one day I knew I had to learn to play the bass guitar.If we bury your mother like it is now, she won’t be next to your father. That night, he hugged us with the promise that my mother would be back very soon for good. Perhaps it was a thought, long suppressed, that if there were reincarnation, I wanted to come back as a musician.


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