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Self-disciplined youngsters, however, are those who have always been given considerable personal freedom. Because they have been allowed the chance to make many of their own choices and decisions.Children will learn to control or limit behavior that is disturbing to adults only if those adults have shown a similar consideration for them; children will use self-control to follow rules when they have been given the chance to join with adults in deciding what those rules should be.When you foster self-discipline within you, you will have a higher self-esteem and self-confidence, which consequently, will make you a happier individual.

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This belief still stems from the Freudian theory that claims that as children get older they will gradually internalize the early coercive controls of parents and other adults, until eventually those outer controls are transformed into inner controls and self-discipline.

However, considerable evidence exists refuting this theory as well as everyday observation which is telling us that self-discipline isn’t formed that way.

With self-discipline, most anything is possible.” - Theodore Roosevelt Self-discipline, by definition, is the ability to control one's feelings and overcome one's weaknesses.

It is the ability to pursue what one thinks is right, despite temptations to abandon it.

Make an effort to stick to your decisions- even the simple ones. Self-discipline is what makes a dreamer become a doer.

Be clear about what you want and where you want to reach, this will be your compass throughout your journey. The world needs more dreams and people who can chase them and make them happen.

Sometimes they rebelliously do exactly what the adult authority has previously prohibited them from doing.

Children who meekly submit to parental authority often turn into rebellious teenage delinquents later, reacting aggressively to all adult authority, incapable of any self-control or self-discipline.

Everyone is familiar with the term self-discipline, but what does it actually mean?

Psychologists use the term “locus of control.” Self-discipline means the locus of control is inside the person, while with discipline enforced by others, the locus of control is outside the person – in fact it is inside the controller.


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