Essay On Sex Education In High School

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Abstinence is encouraged in the curriculum, which also covers such topics as reproductive anatomy, pregnancy prevention and sexually transmitted diseases.As initially proposed, the updates would add discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity in 7th and 8th grades, and discussion of abortion and emergency contraception in 10th-grade lessons on birth control.

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Quality online programming "is not buffeted by political fights over what teens can and should learn," Albert said.

"It allows for real-time modifications and updates, it offers anonymity, and it meets teens where they are, which increasingly is in front of screens." "There's so much social media and other sources that they can go to that are not always reliable," Goding said.

A parent declaring that children are being force-fed course material "straight from the pits of hell." Such has been the tenor of recent school board meetings in Omaha as board members contemplate the first update in three decades of the school district's sex education curriculum.

A public meeting in October ended in chaos after shouting and shoving broke out between supporters and opponents of the update who had packed by the hundreds into an auditorium.

The school district conducted a telephone survey of about 1,500 parents last year, and reported that a sizable majority supported adding those topics to the curriculum.

Essay On Sex Education In High School

But the margins of support for the abortion and emergency contraception components were smaller than for other topics, and school officials now plan to omit them.

Some opponents have urged the board to hold off on implementation until parents can review the final version of the proposed curriculum.

Sex education is taught in varied forms and under different rules across the 50 states.

"The values that it promotes are ones that most parents would never agree with."Many of the opponents' allegations have been categorically denied by the school district, including claims that the new curriculum was designed by Planned Parenthood, would authorize school staff to take students to get abortions, and would provide them with birth control.

Goding, the board president, said countering inaccurate criticisms has been a challenge."Once the misinformation has been disseminated, it's hard to gather it back up," she said.


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