Essay On Social Work Theory

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However, there are a few theories that can help social workers deal with some of the challenges they are facing, and how they can be utilized to achieve positive solutions.

In general, a theory is a statement backed by evidence gathered through the scientific method intended to explain something.

Robert Merton is considered one of the founding fathers of modern sociology and significantly advanced Systems Theory through his progressive theories on functional analysis.

Merton also coined the now ubiquitous terms “self-fulfilling prophecy” and “role model.” Carel Germain is internationally recognized for her work on explaining human behavior in a social environment.

In the Family Systems Theory, individuals must not be evaluated in isolation, but in the context of the family, as the family operates as a unit.

One of the core concepts of this theory is the triangle, whose most common form is a parent-parent-child relationship — aka “two helping one”).

Social workers can encounter many different obstacles in their line of work.

Each obstacle faced represents a different kind of challenge.

Several prominent thinkers advanced Systems Theory in social work.

Talcott Parsons was an economist and sociologist at Harvard University, whose book “Social System” helped steer the conversation on systematic determinants of behavior.


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