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It may be interesting to be able to run the gambit of the Periodic Table; it could fun to turn into germanium or meitnerium, although the latter would mean I would have a half-life of only 720 milliseconds, which sounds problematic.But it would certainly add to the fabric of my character." Our Superpower Scholarship let’s the imagination run wild.

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At first glance one might also think there would be no practical reason to transform into halogens or any of the noble gasses. Or, even better, my veins and arteries begin to pulse with the green liquid neon now coursing through them. Unable to move in time I instinctively turn to iron, saving me from the flames rushing harmlessly by.

But, come to think of it, if I wanted to illuminate a dark passageway I could just turn to neon. When my story hits the big screen, as it inevitably will, that will be one cool special effect. In the aftermath I lie on the floor, gazing in amazement and disbelief at my metallic body.

Unfortunately, most of the powers that are of interest to me, especially invisibility or the ability to bend space and time, have been taken. I flirted with shape shifting or the ability to manipulate the weather.

I thought about being able to communicate with animals, but other than being very Dr. So, after much thought, and because I really do have that much time on my hands, I’ve decided that I want to be able to transform myself into any element, which I think would really come in handy as a superhero.

Lately I’ve been pondering the subject of superheroes.

Everyone has their favorite – mine is Batman – and I think everyone at some time has fantasized about being one. Of course, unlike Batman, who uses cunning, strength, battle expertise and a bizarre psychological makeup to his advantage, I’m thinking that having superpowers might be one of the prerequisites of the job.Then the powers suddenly vanish and I crash to the floor below. You put brief thoughts or ideas into people’s minds. Through art we can transmit ideas and put thoughts into people’s minds.Later, when realizing that I actually had turned to metal, I decide to test my newfound powers, perhaps by thinking of helium.Curiously, my body doesn’t inflate like a balloon, but begins to levitate, gently lifting me exhilaratingly skyward until I am level with the ceiling.Doolittle-ish, how would that come in handy when trying to save the world? It could also cause some problems, which is OK, because most superheroes are flawed in some way and their powers can often be a curse to them.Being able to change into any element would not only be a cool power to show off, but it also would be extremely practical.I admire his desire for balance, and if I harbored all six infinity stones, I would build upon his idea. However, one essential stipulation for this to work is that the day I switch places with him is before April 26th, 2019. Between you and me, I think Batman is one of the worst superheroes I've ever heard of.I would create a balance, but not by killing 50% of all life in the universe. I'm not entirely sure, but it is likely that Thanos will not have any of the infinity stones after that day. His powers are essentially being able to afford everything and having a cool butler.I may never have to turn to samarium, but I could if I wanted to.Practicality states that it would have to be a solid element and nothing colorless, odorless or tasteless; what good is it to become hydrogen? Maybe there’s an accident and an explosion releases a white-hot fireball that’s heading right towards me.


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