Essay On Technical Education In Nepal

Essay On Technical Education In Nepal-9
Technical or industrial education means education in the use of different kinds of machines and techniques of the industry.Those who obtain (get) such education learn the parts or components of machines and the ways of working and repairing them.In view of the modern age of advancement, it is a fact that an independent Pakistan Cannot keep pace with advanced countries unless we direct our attention to technical instruction.

Now we have to raise new dams and maintain the old ones in different parts of the country.

For this, technical experts of the highest order are urgently needed.

In Pakistan, more than eighty percent of the population is agricultural and another ten percent is industrial.

So we cannot afford to overemphasize literary education and ignore technical education.

We should have highly qualified technical experts needed to plan and set up new industries…

They are also needed to supervise the work of industrial workers and technicians and to guide them.We have the cloth, sugar, iron and other industries.There commodities (things) are produced that we use every day.Technical education will pay for the education of our children and make them studious and self-supporting. We do not have adequate means to finance studies so technical education shares the financial burden of the parents.Technical education is also subject to some disadvantages. Criticizing the excess of technical education, if literary Schools are a training-ground of clerks, the technical Schools would have a large number of children workers.It is rightly said that there are only three ways of earning one’s livelihood, working, begging and stealing.If someone fails to earn by the first method that is by working, it is natural that one will certainly adopt begging or stealing.The answer is wanted of technical instruction in Our School and colleges.So, if we do not want our educational institutions to produce a generation of beggars and stealers but that of the honest upright gentleman then it is essential to teach the boys and girls in some special branch of industry, mechanism, handicraft, trade or a profession.In this way, at the end of their educational career, they are able to find employment and earn their living easily and respectfully. Technical education Solves the problem Of unemployment.It supplies industries with a large body of trained workers.


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