Essay On The Mother By Gwendolyn Brooks

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[tags: Poetry, Rhyme, Stanza, Gwendolyn Brooks] - African American’s have faced a great deal of harsh and cruel treatment throughout our society.

It suffers like a penknife passed through the heart and yet though she strives to overlook and rub out all of her thoughts she ever got, they still arrive back to disturb her.

Yet though there are feelings driving inside her, she cannot accept reality that she neglects her love since to do so is like, “a certain Death!

She is regretful, yet explains that she had no other choice.

It is a heartfelt poem where she talks bout how she will not be able to do certain things for the children that she aborted.

Some literature Is have read through the year are, the world is too much with us by William Wordsworth, we real cool by Gwendolyn Brooks.

Even though the world is too much with us is a pretty interesting poem I feel more drawn to we real cool.

Must include background of the author’s life for proof as well.

- Analysis of The Mother by Gwendolyn Brooks The poem “The Mother” by Gwendolyn Brooks was written in 1945.

“the mother” by Gwendolyn Brooks Order Description This research paper is being added on to work I currently already have which i will upload as a separate file for comparison and so the paper can flow cohesively.

It must argue that the poem “the mother” by Gwendolyn Brooks is pro-choice for abortion.


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