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The exposition of the story is with Lieutenant Jimmy Cross, showing how he is a young man who is totally unprepared for the Vietnam War.He carried around letters from Martha; even though they were not love letters, he kept them and mooned over them often.

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The falling action would be when Tim O' Brien returns home from war, alive but a vastly changed man who struggles with his memories and tells stories about the war.

The denouement would have to be Tim's understanding that the stories he tells can help bring the dead back to life.

In Steven Kaplan’s essay “The Things They Carried” published in Columbia: University of South Carolina Press he says, “Almost all Vietnam War writing--fiction and nonfiction--makes clear that the only certain thing during the Vietnam War was that...

Most, if not all of them, were drafted unwillingly.

The “things” that the soldiers carry are both literal and figurative.

They carry sentimental items to remind them of home, food,...

“How to Tell a True War Story,” in Tim O’Brien’s novel The Things They Carried, has almost nothing to do with war.

Rather, it has to do with the difficulties of a speaker to communicate their feelings—which are conveyed through stories—as well as...

The length of the stories in the 22 chapters varies dramatically, a technique that "demonstrates well the...

Throughout The Things They Carried, Tim O’Brien often alludes to Kathleen, his daughter, and Linda, his childhood friend with cancer. O’Brien includes them in his story because they allow him to interact...


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