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Men and women going to their place of work are at once halted. The passengers delayed due to traffic jams feel frustrated and angry. The sense of loss continuously hangs heavy on their head.

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Traffic jams is another area where precious man hours get wasted and if anyone is heading for a hospital in case of an emergency, then the patient can only look up to God for mercy.

The area for parking vehicles, in metros especially is constantly shrinking under pressure from the rising number of cars and bikes. Traffic police and media should play their role in creating traffic sense amongst the people.

Government is doing little efforts to avoid traffic jams and other traffic problems in Pakistan.

The rising number of smoke belching vehicles during the rush hours has left the traffic policemen gasping for a whiff of fresh air.

Let us find out the reasons for the creation of traffic jams in a big city.

The first reason for the creation of traffic jams is the unchecked growth of population.This thing has increased the bulk of traffic on the roads. As a result of the traffic jams, the flow of traffic is halted. Fourthly: The slow vehicles marching ahead of the motorcars sometime put up resistance in the smooth flow of traffic.Secondly, the roads of the cities are narrow and uneven. Thirdly, The traffic is controlled and put under heavy control when a V.l. The traffic jams in a big city are a daily occurrence. The small babies In the laps of their mother cry for milk, but they do not get it.Traffic jams make the march of life slow and unsteady. The traffic jams also leave a psychological effect on our mind.P or President 0r Prime Minister comes to the city. The road is fully banned for the flow of traffic from where the V. Unfortunately, we have little traffic sense and perhaps no respect for the traffic rules.No doubt, bad roads and high speed driving are the main causes of traffic accidents Traffic problem in Pakistan is getting worse with every coming day, especially in big cities like Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Quetta, Peshawar and Hyderabad.They are badly affected by the evils of air pollution and a majority of them are either suffering from some ear, nose or throat problem or have problems of burning eyes, dizziness, lung infection etc.The high density of vehicles in metros is also responsible for the rise in the number of road accidents.


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