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Shortly after work began, a flood destroyed the dam and killed many workers, taking their bodies with it.

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The Zambezi River god, Nyaminyami, who has features akin to that of a dragon and is in charge of all living creatures in and around the Zambezi River, took vengeance on those involved with the construction of the Dam.

The project resulted in the traditional Batonga people leaving the area, but they believed in Nyaminyami and trusted that the home of their fathers would be saved.

Because urban legends are about life and society today, many concern new technologies and societal fears that didn’t exist when most traditional legends arose.

Travel by air, terrorism threats, data farming on social media networks, money making rituals, and government conspiracy theories are some of the themes that often reoccur.

No child wanted to run mad, so they stayed close to their parents or guardians, and of course refrained from being too playful.

If they took food from strangers or indiscriminately ate biscuits or toffees from their peers, they could be initiated to a witchcraft coven.

As with traditional legends, urban legends are passed verbally, but they also spread via the Internet, e-mail, and social media.

Via Whatsapp broadcast alone, for example, one is able to reach tens of thousands of people very quickly; thus, urban legends are distributed much faster than traditional legends ever were.

It is the responsibility of the modern African writer to harness the seemingly unconscious aspects of human psychology in making sense of the world, responding to it by creating imaginative, inventive, and artistic expressions.

Urban legends are a socially accepted way to express fear.


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