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This does not affect my performance in any way because the value was imparted a long time ago.

Further, being reliant has helped attain most of objectives although small and might not be appreciated; they give me the confidence and courage to live among scholars.

As a student and a son, there are specific social roles I ought to play in order to live harmoniously with everyone in my environment.

To begin with, I am supposed to interact and copy well with instructors and my fellow colleagues at school.

In fact, so many things changed and everyone was in harmony with me, even my dad who always thought I was stubborn.

The experience my parents gave me enabled me to become reliant to an extent that I current pay most of my bills while studying.Lastly, I try my best at school in order to get good grades and thus make them happy and satisfied.My parents come from a community where culture is strictly upheld and as such, I had to learn most of it right from my early years.The behavior of an individual changes with each role the person adopts.This is because, the person has to fit others expectations if they have similar role as well as ones expectations.Additionally, I finish my take away assignments in time to avoid problems with my tutors.With regard to schoolmates, I ensure my interaction is proper by dressing properly not to attract the attention of others and thus being disruptive.I learnt that the best way to succeed in life is through focusing on what I can achieve on my own and when am at liberty.When I was young and at explicit care of my mother, I could make many mistakes and quarrel with her most of the times.I was stubborn at times but the moment I learnt that I was just punishing myself, I could complete almost everything there was to be done.In that manner, I realized that I could not stay hungry during lunch time simply because my mother left without preparing it for me.


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