Essay On Why Violent Video S Should Not Be Banned

But how does one know whether or not a game is filled with violence if they have not played it?

One way to tell the content of a game is with the ESRB. A child may be able to talk a parent into getting these games for them, while not informing them about the rating system.

The game a child plays can be a good or a bad thing in his life.

For example, children who learn how to play chess at a tender age usually show signs of high levels of intellect.

This observation waters down the chances of violent games leading to violent behaviour in children.

When interviewed, some kids who play this type of games say that they are not negatively affected by the games.The obtained results show that the negative effects of such games are quite minimal.There is also an observation regarding these games and their players where children who are naturally aggressive prefer playing this type of games to others.You may need to rewrite each section more than once before settling on your final copy.You should also remember to proofread, edit, and revise as these elements help make your structure more solid.However, it is important to note that when a child plays a violent game he is likely to experience some physiological effects.These effects include an increase of both heart rate and brain activity.According to the ESRB website, The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) is a non-profit, self-regulatory body established in 1994 by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). Minors could also get older friends or sibling to get the games for them.ESRB assigns computer and video game content ratings, enforces industry-adopted advertising guidelines and helps ensure responsible online privacy practices for the interactive entertainment software industry (About ESRB). There is also the issue of legality due to First Amendment rights.Of this, 16% was made through the sale of violent video games (FYI: Video Game Statistics by the Entertainment Software Association | Critical Gaming Project).Many parents are concerned about these violent games because of how they can affect their children.


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