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With all the benefits also come some problems and hindrances.

So it has a direct impact on their working style and relationships with people at workplace, their behavior at workplace, etc.

Now when we talk about this, we should also consider the organization culture and its impact on the individual.

Of course, the organization or the institution plays a significant role in shaping the behavior and the culture of the individual at work place, now how does he fit into this is important. Being lived in India throughout my life and not interacting with anyone from outside India, I had all notions in my head.

Generally people opt for such organizations or institutions where they fit in on or where similar values and culture exists. Even I had apprehensions regarding the lifestyles and the behavior of the people.

The structure of the paper involves the introduction about the topic and then detailed insights and some experiences.

Then about the advantages and disadvantages of working in such groups.

And surprisingly, not only people behave and act in different manners across the geography, they also think very differently.

This paper tries to look at the benefits of such diverse thinking.

My first interaction was indeed during one of those assignments.

My group had perceived me as a geek and someone who would be good at mathematics so would have by birth analytical skills being an Indian.


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