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Nepali youth needs to redefine itself by assuming a position at the forefront of critical inquiry into dogmatic social, economic, and political values.For example, Nepali society has a strong commitment to cultural traditions and stagnant social hierarchies.

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Having said so, several government acts, including the recent effort to ban women under the age of thirty from working in informal economic sectors of the Persian Gulf region[4], are clearly intended to protect citizens and prevent them from making bad decisions; however, a mature democracy allows individuals to make their own decisions by providing them with concrete information—in this case, information about the employment conditions in the Gulf—and making them aware of the circumstances they would be likely to face.

This approach obviates the need for coercion and instead allows room for discourse, which is essential given the human tendency to denigrate the motivations of others while maintaining confidence in one’s own subtleties and complexities.

Critical Inquiry as an Ethic The Nepali youth constitutes a dominant share of the national demography, and thus the best hope for a better future for the country.

The youth, aged 16-40[1], comprises two-fifths of the national population and more than three-quarters of the independent workforce[2].

Farmers in Nepal have utilized contemporary tools, scientific innovation, and traditional ecological knowledge to deal with the challenges of agriculture.

From the harsh conditions in the rocky hills to the lushness of the plain terai, these experts have monitored the local conditions and devised solutions to boost production.

One aspect of this commitment is manifested in an unquestioned respect for authority that unfortunately makes it palatable for many Nepali to glorify unjustified state interventions and indulge factional disputes among political elites.

Hence, I call upon the youth to create a culture of individualism[3] and activism that will confront all infractions against the rule of law and economic freedom.

You can contact him at [email protected]“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” – Alan Kay Human thought and action shape the arc of both individual and social prosperity.

This understanding could not be farther from the truth given the present precarious situation in Nepal, both as a state and, most importantly, as a society.


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