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By: Rainer Maria Rilke The darkness hung like richness in the room When like a dream the mother entered there And then a glass's tinkle stirred the air Near where a boy sat in the silent gloom. Through these sentimental thoughts today, my mind is raided with thoughts of you. It feels as though, from the inception of my existence my soul was kissed by shadows. The purity and honesty no longer remains in my vision, nor m... Don’t ever lie and steal, they’d teach us, They’d keep us from unbelievable things.

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For example, they know how to adapt to different people and their backgrounds or cultures. Rather than leave you and get on with my life Where I could find someone better for me, I die a million slow deaths daily with you waiting for your attention, but you just never see. For if you’ve done deceptive things your status will soon drop. Touch my nose and send me away, I've had my full, I've had time to play, I'm done with my adventure on this plane, Hey, that's okay, so it's gain from all the pain, Put me to rest, I've done what you have asked, So put me to bed, and take... I hear you call my name, as a hundred others do, and I hear curses that... My birthday just recently passed in July, and now that I'm 23 years old, I have learned many things about myself.

To me, the best communicators have mastered several skills. Curry There isn’t a single student who hasn’t felt the overwhelming urge to throw their textbook across the room, defy the school system, and emphatically declare, “I’m not doing this anymore! Once upon a time, long, long ago in prehistoric times, somewhere in an equatorial rainforest, there lived an incredulous hog, named Louie, together with his family. He loved to play with his cubs, pet his lady, and p... Don’t look for ways to skip hard work to make it to the top. Thanks to the hard work of our wonderful volunteers, we are now offering a free and low-cost editing service for academic, creative, and professional writing. Under the tree that whistles lies a sharp and pointed thistle that pokes and prods whenever I intend to leave this little spot under the whistling tree. Returning home unwelcome, his hero medals tossed, tw...

What can be said or cannot be said not ashamed our affair read rushing love untamed as a strong wind a flood... I'm doing THE MAN right now,and I already have the story that I have writin before of THE MAN that I'll just copy on here. Welcome to my world of depression, heartbreaks, abandonment, loneliness and maybe even neglection if you want to call it. I drew on the walls that was my call during the nighttime is when I needed help everyone was after me I was gonna die during the day or the night either way I could not get away from it however I prefer the night time more dark it... Her "i's" and "j's" were dotted with petite open circles. Descartes needs a non-deceiving god to trust his reason, yet to conclude god exists he must trust his reason. How do you begin to describe a scene that makes your blood run cold? The events I'm about to relate are completely true. There is a spell in purple heath Too wildly, sadly dear; The violet has a fragrant breath, Bu...

The breeze blew warm across the meadow, bending goldenrods to cast away butterfly and bee, as the man made his way purposefully down the well-worn path to the spring in the valley below. WARNING: THE MAN I wrote a year ago so please no judgement. The executioner wields his axe, while the judges, they begin to wax, about justice, rules, of course the law. The convict is lowered to the block, and the crowd is ready for the shock, of the dead ma... I am not asking for a pity party, i just hope my audience reads this and understands that we have to struggle first to... They grow up, move out on their own and only call when they need som... If I was to approach a stranger and tell them to describe what he or she saw in this photograph, his or her initial response would be that there’s a boy and a girl. Work, home, kids, duties, too much complexity, it eats at my wellbeing. The purpose of this paper is to explicate this objection to Descartes’ argument, which I will do in section 1, illustrate potent..."Life with lesson's, smoking session" with best friend's, grands the finale. Poverty the vains "commercial,property" dirty money always bother me. Life comes at you fast, sometimes we are called to deal with things that honestly suck.

Where is the view, where is the thrill, Maybe i can feel that... The thought of you makes me feel like I have gold in my hands but...

Ever since you said to me begone my frivolous banshee said you needed to be free oh quite possibly. The thought of you leaving me makes me feel like a snow globe that was just dropped on the floor.

Bring myself some water on the beach could have some some wine as I eat a peach, but the only face I seem to see is the one so fa... The thought of you crying makes me want to tell you 'I love you'. Balance and acceptance always have the right mindset and give your inhibitions a reason to keep living/You have two choices wrong right sometimes its worth the fight/Pain is the core to everything that we do to stuff it with the most potent...

Stability is often dependent upon a clear and accurate self-concept. True love will bring us to freedom, True love has us all at love’s corner. My unsanitized language, "its my freedom of speech" harshful words causes violences of profanity, "all eyes on me like a vanity". A squall stings them As you smile through tears That don’t blur your vision.

When an individual’s identity is obscured or falsified, they risk undergoing social and emotional collapse. True love will be the one to overcome, True love, oh only if I could get to her. My eyeballs are located in the mirror with minor fears of no shedding tears. If you listen closely You can here someone far away Quietly playing a flute. Remembering when you were young, When mommy and daddy taught you.

Shakespeare explores this concept in Richard II,... They’d teach you from rights to wrong, Just how they taught us keeping truth.


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