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No law denies an individual the right to hire another person to produce an academic research paper for them.This is the case in the United Kingdom where 50,000 cases of cheating have been uncovered bringing to attention issues regarding Depending on what your definition of “academic integrity” is, it is quite normal to require outside help to achieve the grades required to graduate from high school, college or any institution of higher learning.Most college instructors lay down the law about cheating, plagiarism, and copying work only to use websites, books, lessons, Power Point presentations, notes, charts, and especially homework that is all created by someone else.Speaking from a moral and ethical point of view, many individuals view the process as being unethical and immoral.Writing skills are quite important for individuals, mostly when they join the workforce.Other than its legality, is the process moral and ethical?The answer is a big “YES.”Essay writing websites which allow for “effortless academic assistance” has reached near ubiquity in all USA colleges and is doing wonders for the education system.While some of the students that purchase articles are lazy and are looking for an easy way out of doing assignments, most of the clients for these companies are bright students from some of the best known universities looking for a little help with their assignment, either due to their complex nature or lack of time to do the assignment.Many online writing companies have majored in this market leading to steady growth in essay writing companies and freelancers who provide online paper, on order. The increase in the number of students soliciting these services has led to the debate on if it is legal to procure an essay, an academic paper, or thesis paper from a professional.They ensure that copyright laws are followed and recommend to the students not to represent the work they have received as their own, as this is an infringement of copyright laws.Legal issues might arise in situations where the essay writer is not professional in their work leading to the production of work that has plagiarism.


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