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Prose written in plays aims to be dramatic and eventful.Prose in plays is often in conversational mode and is delivered by a character.The information presented in prose tends to be more pragmatic than in poetry.

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Poetry divides into shorter lines, instead of into multiple paragraphs which is seen in prose.

Writers often have a sense of freedom when writing prose that can be lost in poetry.

Though it is composed in prose, it reads like poetry.

To construct the poem, the poet puts into use the same poetic devices as those worked with to craft modern and contemporary poetry, such as free verse, and traditional poetry, such as the epic or blank verse poem.

While prose also employs these techniques, it is not to the same caliber as in poetry.

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Poetry uses these techniques more than prose in order to make a more creative work.

The rhyme scheme is also limited to fit the criteria of a certain type of poem.

Although writers are free to choose their punctuation and capitalization, they still have more confinements that they writers of prose. Poetry employs a myriad of literary techniques such as: alliteration, metaphors, assonance, metonymy, euphony and more.

With the few confinements, prose tends to be easier for writers to employ.

Prose is used to compose a variety of works, such as short stories, novels, essays, plays and other literature.


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