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What follows are two suggested AP writing assignments that could be done with the book to supplement whatever other literary or response-based approach you may choose.

That topic is explored in a number of short essays by eminent economists, philosophers and politicians entitled “Does the free market corrode moral character?

” available at the John Templeton Foundation website.

That close relationship is echoed in Chapter 12, the interchapter depicting the migrants’ “flight” along Route 66.

Finally, in Chapter 16 Steinbeck gives nearly step-by-step instructions in how to replace a con-rod in 1925 Dodge that highlight the men’s intimate relationship with the machine.

In another variation, the prompt could be focused to mirror some of the AP rhetorical analysis exercises.

For example, students could analyze how Steinbeck conveys his criticism of the used car salesmen in Chapter 7, or his view of technology as expressed in the depiction of the tractor in Chapter 5. For college students, it’s largely a historic creative, depicting instances of migrant maqui berry farm owners in Ca who’d left behind the Debris Dish of Oklahoma and Tx and traveled to discover focus on farms plus grape vineyards. Id Theft Essay Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck is undoubtedly an Us citizen common which might be continue reading numerous degrees.The analyses could be approached in a number of ways.An entire chapter could be analyzed; the students could identify what they see as Steinbeck’s major purpose in the selection and explain what rhetorical elements uses to convey it.For example, they could learn to identify thematic topics in novels such as are developed in .They could also research supplementary works to complement their topics.Any of those slices would be a suitable subject for analysis.Even a more seamless interchapter, such as Chapter 15, can be divided into smaller, more manageable units (the initial description of the diner, Mae and Al; the description of the “shitheel” couple).However, the suggestions are offered in the spirit of providing some leads and examples.) In Chapter 5, the tractor is presented as an insect-like destructive force that rapes the land and separates its driver both from the land and the community.However, in Chapter 10, Al is described as closely in tune with the truck, monitoring it for problems.


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