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Thorax Mediastinum ( mostly superior and posterior)Bronchopulmonary segments of both lungs Right atrium along with its development (interatrial septum development can also be asked)Blood supply of Heart Arch of aorta and its development3.Abdomen and Pelvis Rectus sheath Inguinal canal Testis with histology or with descent Stomach Biliary apparatus Pancreas with histology and development Suprarenal with histology and development Urinary bladder with histology or development Ovaries Uterus with supports Prostate gland with histology Anal Canal4.For further information, including about cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy .

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Our advice is to give up looking for complex topics for your anatomy and physiology topics and instead opt for the topics you have an interest in, even though it may appear to be the most investigated topic.

The reason is that if you are passionate about what you are doing, you’ll be able to explain the most well-known facts from the other, completely new perspective, to suggest some extraordinary approaches for further investigations or even contribute to a specific field of studies.

In fact, instead of choosing a topic a student is really keen on, he or she usually tries to look for something extremely captivating, something that would impress their examiner.

Such an approach often leads to frustration, depression and unwillingness to proceed to the next stages of investigation and writing a paper, as a student is already fed up with the search of the most appropriate topic.

Don't need to mug up all relations like anterior-posterior relations, superior-inferior relations.

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