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In this age, when one has hardly the time, one saves some amount of time listening to the news on the radio while having one is early breakfast.The Newspaper, with its peculiar appeal, can never be superseded, but it can be kept over for a more care-free period of leisure,—on the way to office if one has a car, or in the intervals of the day’s work.Under such conditions, the radio acquires an importance of its now, beyond its very wide wartime use.

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In the main, broadcasting affords a pleasant family diversion.

Nothing can be more charmingly domestic than to sit round the radio with one’s parents, brothers, and sisters, and listen to musical programme, theatrical and other interesting topics and relays.

Programmes of AIR’s Bividh Bharati earn a lot from advertisements.

So the radio has brightened the home; the sick­bed it has cheered, the young mind it has instructed, and the trade it has set going.

One can take the pick of the items from the programme of almost any country in the world.

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Broadcasting has made us citizens of the world in a very real sense.

Whether we are talking about a cell phone, a baby monitor, a cordless phone or any one of the thousands of other wireless technologies, all of them use radio waves to communicate.

Here are just a few of the everyday technologies that depend on radio waves: The list goes on and on...

Even the intellectual will find much in it to be interested.

Great thinkers, great scientists, great poets often speak to us through the radio.


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