Essay Reflection Questions

Your answers to these questions will be shared with your academic advisors.Behavior in violation of the FWT Student Employer Agreement may adversely affect a student’s final FWT assessment, depending on the circumstances.

Three of those sessions will be "reflection sessions", meaning that following these meetings you will be required to submit a 150-175 word reflection on the research and writing process of your EE to the EE Coordinator.

In addition to developing these core capacities, students also develop work-readiness competencies.

Together these serve as a foundation for student reflection and learning through field work.

A student’s final Field Work Term assessment is based on adherence to due dates, supervisor evaluation(s), meeting the required number of work hours, completing quality reflective assignments, and compliance with the Field Work Term student-employer agreement.

FWT is an opportunity for students to experience the world of work and to be assessed on their performance based on how the professional world operates.


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