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Another thing is something I have been pondering for months now.

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When Shrek arrives Fiona can’t seem to get over the fact that he rescued her instead of a handsome prince, but slowly realizes that Shrek has feelings too as the movie goes on.

Shrek ends up with Fiona, and I like this movie because it’s all about racism and all characters warm up to Shrek in the end.

Shrek The Third - Now everyone I have talked with about which of Shrek 3 or 4 is better, all said that both of them were the worst out of the four.

I agree with this, but I believe Shrek The Third does have its reasons to be better movie out of the two.

Shrek Forever After - Let’s start with the very few pros of this movie.

According to my dear friend Julia Green, “The plot is solid and so are the characters.” Although this movie does have good villains and the plot makes a very distinct point of which Shrek signs a contract with the evil Rumpelstiltskin because he wants to feel like an ogre again like in the good old days, things go terribly wrong, bla bla bla, there are a few things that just don’t work for me.

As with the movie, the play is about the ogre Shrek who lives a contented secluded life in a swamp, but his solitude is interrupted with an influx of fairytale creatures who have been evicted by Lord Farquad to transform his kingdom into his perfect image of a kingdom.

When Shrek goes to confront Farquad (meeting Donkey, a talking donkey on the way) he is coerced into mounting a rescue mission of Princess Fiona from a dragon-guarded tower to bring her back to be Farquad’s bride.

This movie is still very light-hearted and witty, and shows how people like Artie can look past the fact that Shrek is an ugly ogre and see how caring he is on the inside.

Maybe it’s just that he would do anything not to be King, but stereotypes were broken!


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