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Despite of his father, his color, and his lack of education, James Baldwin grew up to be a respected author of essays, plays, and novels.

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Then goes into narration about his father when Baldwin was growing up, “He was not a young man when we were growing up and he had already suffered many kinds of ruin; in his outrageously demanding and protective way he loved his children, who were black like him and menaced, like him; and all these things sometimes showed in his face when he tried, never to my knowledge with any success, to establish contact with any of us (64).” And the rest of that paragraph continues the narration about growing up with his father.

The book had long intrigued me for I had heard that it was widely taught in creative writing courses and was a favorite of many authors, including several well-known authors whose work I admire.

It also resulted in intense racism and discrimination against Japanese Americans by some other Americans. At first, Japanese American military volunteers were rejected; young men of draft age were classified as “enemy aliens.” In spite of prejudice, young (second generation Japanese in the U. They wanted to remove the shame caused by Pearl Harbor, and they were determined to prove their loyalty to their country, thus bringing honor to their Japanese community in the U. If you saw many young Japanese today showing their individuality through outrageous fashion and non-conformist behavior or if you watched television programs that bring audiences pleasure by humiliating individuals, you might assume that the shame/honor tradition has been eroded.

However, obligations to family, school, employer, and friends still tend to guide most Japanese behavior.

Then he transitions to an analytical statement, “It seems to be typical of life in America, where opportunities, real and fancied, are thicker than anywhere else on the globe, that the second generation has no time to talk to the first (63).” An example of the vise versa case occurs just a few paragraphs later, in a paragraph which starts out in an analytical tone, where Baldwin spends a moment describing his father.

The first half of this paragraph explains how Baldwin saw his father as very handsome, and how although his father was beautiful, he didn’t know he was beautiful.

By killing yourself in such a painful, but at the same time, fearlessly heroic way, you were able to sustain your honor and eradicate shame. In Japan, relationships between people are greatly affected by duty and obligation.

In duty-based relationships, what people believe or think has a more powerful impact on behavior than what the individual believes.

I remember not wanting to be disappointed in Auster.

I remember helping myself to some chocolate, and then to more.


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