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The MLA Manual uses the author-page citation system for in-text citations. However, your instructor may wish you to include the URL as part of the citation so that your source may be easily located.MLA suggests that the URL appear in angle brackets after the date of access.

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When writing, we must use punctuation to indicate these places of emphasis.

This resource should help to clarify when and how to use various marks of punctuation.

Use a semicolon to join two independent clauses when the second clause restates the first or when the two clauses are of equal emphasis.

Use a semicolon to join two independent clauses when the second clause begins with a conjunctive adverb (however, therefore, moreover, furthermore, thus, meanwhile, nonetheless, otherwise) or a transition (in fact, for example, that is, for instance, in addition, in other words, on the other hand, even so).

They place more emphasis on the enclosed content than commas.

Use parentheses to set off nonessential material, such as dates, clarifying information, or sources, from a sentence.Use a comma after a transitional element (however, therefore, nonetheless, also, otherwise, finally, instead, thus, of course, above all, for example, in other words, as a result, on the other hand, in conclusion, in addition) Avoid comma splices (two independent clauses joined only by a comma).Instead, separate the clauses with a period, with a comma followed by a coordinating conjunction, or with a semicolon.In terms of public legitimacy—that is, in terms of garnering support from state legislators, parents, donors, and university administrators—English departments are primarily places where advanced literacy is taught. Note that commas and periods are placed inside the closing quotation mark, and colons and semicolons are placed outside.The placement of question and exclamation marks depends on the situation.In-Text Citations: In-text citations appear in the body of your paper.They identify your use of an idea from one of your sources.When speaking, we can pause or change the tone of our voices to indicate emphasis.When writing, we use punctuation to indicate these places of emphases.This handout should help to clarify when and how to use various marks of punctuation. Although there is no set rule that requires a comma before the last item in a series, it seems to be a general academic convention to include it. Use a comma to separate nonessential elements from a sentence.More specifically, when a sentence includes information that is not crucial to the message or intent of the sentence, enclose it in or separate it by commas.


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