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Essay Structure Activities-3
Another type of thesis statement structure is used as an organizing guide with the inclusion of supporting points.

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There are also a variety of "rhetorical modes" (types of essays) used in essay writing such as comparison/contrast, process, definition, and argument.

Note that the topic of the essay and the rhetorical mode need to be compatible.

The configuration below represents basic discourse structures.

This configuration illustrates three different discourse structures---ASL discourse, spoken English discourse, and written English discourse (see Christie et al., 1999).

One of these conventions is the internal structure of an academic essay. The top horizontal bar represents the thesis, or part of the essay that will comprise a thesis statement and one or more development statements.

The thesis statement is the claim of the argument presented in the essay.Thus, in this type of presentation, the speaker allows the audience time to think about inferring the points from information being presented.The third structure shows that the point of a written English essay often occurs at the end of the introductory paragraph.The type of rhetorical mode will influence both the content and organization of the essay.Since basic essay structure is often taught using the modes of narration and exposition, these types of essay will be utilized in this module.These structures are visual representations of the framework or schemata people use for communicating information.They also represent the expectations of the audience.Writing an Argumentative Science Essay These resources have been designed to help teach students how to write a well-structured argumentative science essay (approximately 1,250 words) over the course of a term.They will take part in four interactive in-class activity sessions (intended to last 50 – 60 min each) that each focus on a different, critical theme in writing essays, and which are designed to supplement pre-class homework readings and short activities.There is no room for an author’s thoughts to wander away from the purpose of the essay, because such misdirection will lead to the reader becoming confused.To stop this confusion arising, various writing and reading conventions have developed over time.


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