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Hotweels makes a Criss Cross Track Set, which displays a mini projection of a high-speed accident with toy cars crashing into each other, another example of aggression.Last but certainly not least are toys like Nurf Guns and Crossbows, Wild Fire (projected as a fire flaming gun), and the Bloody Sword all of which are resemble with guns and knives.At this point, teens become extremely stressed and eating disorders become knee high socks.

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American children are being taught gender roles, values and modern technology through toys and games.Parents certainly don't want their children playing with fire; it is one of the first things a child learns not to do.Yet, fire, which in my opinion is associated to anger and aggression, is advertised al over children's games and toys.This teaches girls at a young age that they are most useful and needed in the house and these are things they schooled expect to be doing.They aren't learning anything different and that is all they know of at...There where no examples like this of girls toys promoting competition.3.Boys and girls both are taught nuturance skills but are dramatically different when looking at the domestic skills each is being taught.In several Interviews Steve Jobs gives lyrics influence teenagers’ sexual behavior and cause them to start their sex lives earlier (Lupu 1).Of all age groups, children and teenagers have the most interest in sex, especially when they have not yet had any sexual relationships (Lupu 1). S-based Rand Corporation in Pittsburgh conducted a study on how sexually explicit music affect teenagers (Lupu 1).Girls activities where perceived as more feminine and "female type chores" this meaning more household activities.For example toys such as this aimed at girls were an Easy Bake Oven, Kitchen Set Complete with Washer and Dryer, Cleaning Box, and a Super Power Vacuum.


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