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In the words of Romain Rolland,” Mahatma Gandhi raised up 300 millions of his fellowmen, shaken the British Empire and inaugurated in human politics the most powerful movement that the whole world has seen for nearly 2000 years’. The symbol of India’s unanimous wish for freedom is Mahatma Gandhi. The whole world pays tributes to this saint of sabermati.

Under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, the people of India become heroice, audacious fighters for national freedom. He does not represent all of India but he does reflect the will of all India for national liberation Gandhi is great because every single act that he performs is calculated to promote the one goal of his life-the liberation of India. He taught the people of India how to fight the mighty British Empire without arms. When the people of India were utterly helpless, he made them realise their own strength through ‘Truth’ and ‘Non-violence’.

As a result of partition of India there was largescale bloodshed both by Hindus and Muslims.

Gandhiji who was totally against partition was a shattered man by that time.

Mahatma Gandhi laid great emphasis on Hindu-Muslim unity.

Communalism had raised its ugly head in Indian politics.

Muslims make up the vast majority (roughly 88 percent) of the population of Indonesia, which is home to over 234,000,000 people and is by far the most populous Muslim nation in the world.

The two other Muslim-majority nations in Southeast Asia are Malaysia and Brunei.

In animistic societies, certain people are believed to have personal qualities or special skills that enable them to communicate with spirits.

They may be shamans who go into trance if possessed by spirits, undertake mystical journeys to the world(s) inhabited by spirits, or both.


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