Essay. Why I Chose The Medical Assisting

Essay. Why I Chose The Medical Assisting-18
Medical Administrative Assistants may be asked to do take the patient height or blood pressure.Medical assistants are sometime asked to buy the medical equipment needed in the office.Some assistants work in specialty practices, such as for chiropractors, podiatrists or optometrists.

Medical Assistants will forever be needed, because every day a child is born and people are getting older.

Medical Assistants care and their job is to provide good healthcare to patients.

An additional 70,000 assistants worked in hospitals, while others worked for podiatrists, optometrists, outpatient care centers, colleges, dentists' offices and research centers.

Medical , assistant jobs are plentiful in major cities.

In some states, assistants need special schooling or an examination to do clinical work, such as preparing blood samples.

Medical assistant jobs are projected to grow significantly, although wages are less attractive. The transition to electronic health records will also increase the demand for assistants with knowledge of new computer programs.

The trend toward shifting routine work to medical assistants and the needs of an aging society will bring a 31 percent increase in jobs between 20, much faster than average, according to the U. The average medical assistant earned ,170 a year for full-time work in 2011, according to the BLS.

Ten percent of medical assistants made ,810 per year or more -- less than the annual average of ,444 for all employees.

In conclusion Medical Assistants play a major role in the healthcare environment.

They are doctors right hand man/woman and the help keep the office together and run smoothly.


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